Katsushika Hokusai, The suspension bridge on the border of Hida and Etchu Provinces, ca. 1830

Until recently, the real world wasn’t usually referred to as such — because it wasn’t referred to much at all. It used to be a given; now it’s just one of the options, something to dip into — perhaps for a packet of (or even ). And to save time when referring to ‘out there’, we have developed the term ITRW, ‘In The Real World’. However, did we manage without it before? Very easily.

But reality is good for us. Shared reality, that is. The reality of encountering the same sun as everyone else, the same weather conditions, ocean, perfume…

Path in the Wheat Fields at Pourville, Claude Monet, 1882

Sometimes it’s good to wander, to get lost. Jazz musicians know this, as do interesting painters and authors. Of course, this only works if they know how to find their way back home. And it’s that process of discovery that makes the art.

The same can apply to the art of living. Not all the time: as with restringing a guitar or cleaning a palette, sometimes things need to be done efficiently. But pure efficiency is just work by another name. Going for a stroll, allowing yourself to get lost, and then finding your way home, can — depending on…

Punkt MP01 mobile phone illustration minimalist phone
Punkt MP01 mobile phone illustration minimalist phone
Illustrations by Guadalupe Navarro

Do you find that wherever you go, you always end up in the same place: in front of your smartphone? Using it, or letting it use you, to stay ‘connected’? Connected with what people are up to back home. Connected with the latest news reports. Connected with work. Connected with games, YouTube videos, Wikipedia. Connected with photos from the last holiday you took, and the one before that. What kind of ‘connection’ is that, really? This situation is something that’s crept up on us, and maybe it’s time to start making some decisions…

A holiday is a chance to switch…

René Magritte, Le Faux Miroir, 1928

Here at Punkt. we have, from the outset, sought to present technology that is good to own. Products designed to do a single job well. Devices that serve their owners, not the other way round. In the last couple of years, concerns about issues like tech addiction and permanent distraction have finally become mainstream. Now people’s focus is shifting to privacy — or to use the more appropriate term, data security.

But does privacy really matter? The answer depends on how human we want to remain. Having the data brokers know all about us means so much more than occasionally…

Hemmant, India, 2020.

In the spring we published our contribution to the throng of articles on how to effectively work from home. Half a year later, with many countries back into lockdown, how is it all looking?

Some of us have thrived during 2020, making the most of the challenging circumstances to develop an effective home-working routine — while simultaneously getting fit, learning a foreign language, getting to know the neighbours properly, reconnecting with long-lost relatives, etc., etc. Some of us, however, have not…

With the change of season, and the return of lockdown in many places, this is perhaps a good time…

‘Beautiful Imperfections’ by Alessandro Albert, Turin, Italy.

Finding Stillness is a lockdown project about rehabilitating the mundane: outflanking tedium by revisiting and celebrating the thoroughly known.

As many of us work from home across all corners of the world, much has been said about finding ways to fight boredom — and there’s a lot of good in that. However, there exists a parallel approach that also has its merits.

Hello world, we’re back!

For the last few weeks we’ve been transitioning to working from home and focussing on the behind-the-scenes elements of Punkt. Some of us have worked mainly from home for years, while for others it is completely new and has required some substantial adjustments.

Working from home (WFH) has been on the increase for years and even when the lockdowns are eased, employers large and small will be building it into their permanent business systems.

Working From Home Post-Pandemic — The New Normal?

From now on, whenever there’s some kind of interruption — whether it’s an extreme…

Office in a small city — Edward Hopper (1953)

European clocks went forward on Sunday; in North America the switch happened a couple of weeks ago. But is Daylight Saving Time becoming less relevant?

Looking around, one could be forgiven for asking whether the priority is not daylight but the backlight found in LCD screens used in smartphones and modern televisions. And in fact, that extra hour of daylight in the evening mainly means an extra hour of waiting until we can get those richer blacks and more intense contrast where it seems to matter ever more: the virtual world.

A benefit of a more balanced relationship with technology…

Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Bal du moulin de la Galette, 1876

If we didn’t really know how vital sleep is for our good health and wellbeing before the digital revolution, we certainly do now.

It’s time to start fighting back. Neuroscientist Matthew Walker’s astonishing book Why We Sleep (listed in the Punkt. Library) lists how sleep-deprivation is a key factor in an array of life-threatening diseases.

It is permanent in its negative effects. And over the last 75 years the number of people in ‘developed’ countries suffering from harmful levels of sleep deprivation has climbed from 8% to 50%.

The problem is a combination of quantity and quality — the latter…


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