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  • Parminder Bansal

    Parminder Bansal

    A British Indian living in Gothenburg, Sweden, looking at a blank page. Just waiting for inspiration…

  • Marc Gordon

    Marc Gordon

    Lives in Phoenix, Arizona. Graduate of the American University and Johns Hopkins University. Focus on business process improvement with a fondness for photograp

  • Vincent Colombo

    Vincent Colombo

  • Giuliano Tavaroli

    Giuliano Tavaroli

  • Julia Keseru

    Julia Keseru

    Activist, writer, occasional poet. People nerd, cancer survivor. Interested in technologies, justice and well-being. https://www.jkeserue.com/

  • BootstrapDash


    Explore the greatest collection of admin template dashboard, bootstrap themes and UI kits to deliver your Wow development moments.

  • Elle Em

    Elle Em

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